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Of course you want the best web hosting for your website, but what do you mean with "best web hosting"?

Often it seems you save money when you get the cheapest product or service, but then, when you use that product, you realise that there are a lot of things missing or not working as it appeared. So you end up with buying accessories, extras, services and advertising.

So, what the top web hosting is depends on what you want to do with your website. If you just want to put up something that friends and family visit a few times, where you show your pictures and talk about yourself, you can easily get budget web hosting, for very few dollars or even for free, from many companies.

On the other hand, if you want to create an online business, a small business, like many dream of, or already have a small business and want to increase it through the Internet, make it known to as many as possible, you'll need to have a lot of traffic, interested visitors who eventually will buy your products or services, without you having to spend a lot of money in advertising.

Otherwise it's like having a wonderful free or cheap shop in a desert with no roads to bring people to it. Not very useful. A website is really like a shop:

No traffic = No money

The more traffic = The more money

So, back to the initial question: when you think of the best web hosting, I bet you'd like some of the following tools and services:

  • cheap web hosting
  • cheap domain hosting
  • unlimited web hosting, unlimited pages
  • domain name registration
  • unlimited email addresses
  • keyword analysis tools (demand and supply)
  • brainstorming tool
  • templates or use your own HTML
  • SEO (search engine optimisation), page analysis
  • regular search engine submission every time you create and update a page
  • sitemap
  • statistics
  • RSS
  • blog
  • Facebook Like buttons
  • alert when you have a broken link
  • advice on how to monetize your traffic
  • possibility to send unlimited newsletters
  • autoresponders
  • friendly, effective unlimited customer support
  • like minded people forums

or all of them? ...and more...

What about an Action Guide that explains you how to build a website that gets a lot of traffic, FREE traffic? and then make it profitable?

If you already have a website and chose your provider thinking it was the best web hosting you could find, how many of the above tools did you get for the money you spent? How much did you have to spend on top of it for some necessary extra services or tools? and what about publicity, like Google AdWords?

So when you add up all of these, did you really save money and got satisfying results?

The best web hosting I was able to find, after trying to make some business online, is a company called Sitesell and the website building tools are called SBI (Site Build It!).

I think it is the best web hosting because it has all those tools, and I learned so much about how Internet works! See all the tools here and compare the tools with those of other web hosting companies.

In order to save money you need to compare what you spend with what you get in return. How much do I pay for all this? Less than $1 a day.

How can many providers offer cheap/free hosting? Unlimited sites?

They can afford the "lure of cheap" because their sites cost almost nothing to host...

  • Low CPU (computer power) expense (no built-in, all-in-one system of software-tools-and-process to help you build a site that succeeds)
  • Near zero bandwidth expense (your web pages just sit there unread, due to near-zero traffic).

Another great aspect of SBI is that you can either DIY, do it yourself, or if you don't want or know how to DIY, you can have your website made by one of their specialist webmasters

And if you are a webmaster you can really offer your clients the very best web hosting with a lot of free targeted traffic on top of your great graphics.

How I found my best web hosting

I had been thinking of earning money from the Internet since I started using it in 1999. I could see the huge potential of a worldwide market. I started to sell musical items to a niche market but it was very difficult and guess why? I didn't have enough traffic, about 10 visitors a day.

The I learnt about affiliate marketing and was fascinated by it: no stock, no items to handle and ship, no contact with customers. As many companies say to attract you to become an affiliate of theirs, "you only need to send traffic" to them. Soon I discovered that THAT is exactly THE most difficult thing, having traffic in abundance and send it to another company's website, hoping that they'll buy something.

Luckily, at some point I found a website that encouraged you to become their affiliate and offered to download a free manual on how to make an affiliate website that gets a lot of targetd, interested visitors open to buy. This was SBI's Affiliate Masters Course. So I made a couple of successful websites and I'm doing this one. You too can have this manual, right-click to download the FREE Affiliate Masters Course PDF

Maybe the best web hosting is blogging?

When I visit a blog, what I personally find annoying is that the posts are in chronological order, not by title, so I don't know what they are about. I wouldn't want to read months of posts to maybe find something interesting to me.

I also tried to use a blogging system, just to see how it was, from a huge company (no names), but I got frustrated because I didn't know how to do things, there wasn't any organised guide and, of course, no visitors. Then I won't mention the horrible "customer service" when I wanted to transfer my domain name to SBI!

At the moment the most used blogging system is WordPress which is a software which can be used on any hosting service. Most sites using WordPress are hosted by, but read a few statistics about the average number of visitors they receive.

But really blogging is about distribution, the possblity to distribute your content to people who choose to receive it, this is RSS and it's included in SBI! It's this Money saving tips Blog

and this

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So you can be sure SBI! is the best web hosting for me and maybe for you, I myself use it for this website, I wouldn't recommend something I didn't use, would you believe me?

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