How to find cheap books

I love books and cheap books are even better as I like reading a lot. So if you too are are an avid reader, I bet you'd like to save some money on books.

Free books of all sorts

The first and best move I recommend you is to join a library where you live. Did you ever think abut this? Apparently not a lot of peole visit libraries, which is really a shame in my opinion because they offer a great service. Joining is free and you can choose to read the books in the library or borrow them and keep them for a certain amount of time, usually two or three weeks, renewable.

In this way you'll have at your hand a wealth of books of all sorts and they are free.

You can choose among all subject, adult's (that is, for grown ups) books children's books, science books, computer books, travel books and whatever you like. Some libraries have also sheet music.

Also you can find books that are out of print that and you wouldn't be able to find in any bookshop.Also, depending on its size, in a library you may find big and expensive books like dictionaries and encyclopedias and you can consult more than one.

Many libraries now offer also DVDs and audiobooks on rentals, they may be not free but they are very cheap.

You have to return the books you borrowed within the deadline, otherwise they'll charge a small amount per each day.

Buy cheap books offline

However, if you like to own your books, then you can save money on books in many ways. Especially in medium and large size towns and cities, there shops specialized in reduced price books, some shops selling used books and others selling new books.

For cheap new books, try and search for "remainders" or "remaindered" shops in your town, if you prefer to visit them: they sell books that publishers sold to them at a loss because they were no longer a best-seller. So you can be sure to find recent titles.

If you want to buy cheap used books, you can find them in shops that also buy them from private individuals

If you want to find cheap textbooks, high school and university textbooks, many cities host markets of used textbooks sold by students, after they've used for their school year, to other students.

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Buy cheap books online

There are many website selling books online, and you can find cheap ones even on big ones like amazon and ebay, although they are not specialized in books.

There are many website that sell only books, one I like is abebooks. However, in most cases the cheap ones are used books.

If you want to buy new books at bargain prices click on the text below, they sell only new books. You can choose books by price range, format, subject.


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