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I'm always looking for cheap car rentals, as a few years ago I decided that I'm no longer going to own any car in the future.

If you live in a city with a lot of good publc transports and taxis and you don't need to use the car for your job or for night shift work, I think it's absolutely not necessary and it costs you a lot of money. Also consider all the already existing traffic, there is no space for more cars parked all day somewhere while you are in the office. And have you considered all the hassle about looking after a car? No, thanks.

So, I did some research and found several car rental search engine websites that I use when I need to find a cheap car rental. They search many car rental websites, so they have more cars available and, usually, are cheaper than renting a car from individual companies.

Sometimes I find better deals on one, other times on another one. It depends on the location where you want to rent a car, the duration of the car rental and other things.

My favorite website for cheap car rentals in USA, Canada, U.K., Ireland and Germany

I'll start with my favorite car rental website and, contrary to what I've just said, it's not a search engine but a car rental company's own website and it's the cheapest I could find where I live.

I live in Oxford, UK, a relatively small city, so not all car rental companies have vehicles available. However I've been lucky to find that have offices and cars there.

I love them because, besides having chep rentals, they come and pick me up and take me to their office and take me back home and the end of the car rental. I don't know of any other car rental company that does this! They are in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Germany.

Another good thing is that they do not require a credit card for the deposit, but only a debit card.

Car rental deals: week-ends

If you want a discount car rental, they have week-end car rental deals: the cheapest car rental, a small car, is £/$9.99 per day, from Friday to Monday.

Unfortunately, they are not in Italy, where I'm from and where I go often, so when I need to rent a car there I have to use other companies.

My second favorite car rental website

My second favorite car rental website is a car rental search engine website and operates worldwide. They say they have the largest selection of cars from over 550 suppliers in 175 countries.

This too is the cheapest I've found, so try either of these websites and save money with your car rentals.

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