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Dating websites are becoming more and more popular but there are so many that it is easy to get a bit confused: which one is the best one? I do I choose where to register? I've investigated this field and I am going to share with you what I've found, before you start spending your money on one website and then you realize it's not good for you.

Which website is best?

Ask yourself: what am I looking for? It's important to understand this, so you can focus your search, because there are different types of dating websites:

  • generic: everybody registers, no preselection
  • targeted: members are preselected based on several criteria
  • free: usually these are generic websites, with a lot of members
  • subscription based: all the targeted website and most of the others
  • speed dating websites, online and offline

First of all, almost all of dating websites offer free registration, you can add your profile and photo, search for other people but then, when someone sends you a message, you cannot read it, you have to become a paying member. So, you cannot really interact with anyone unless you pay. Some websites let you chat with other members.

However, before you pay, I suggest you register with a few websites, using a new e-mail address especially for this, as you'll receive a lot of messages about profiles matching yours, and also to avoid giving your personal email to strangers. Then post your profile and have a look to see if that specific website has enough members in your area that you may be able to reach and eventually meet in person.

Generic free websites

Free websites are generic ones, which means members are not preselected on any criteria. They have the advantage of having a large number of members, but a limited way to select them on the basis of preferences or interests. Anyway, considering that they are free, it's a great way to start contacting a lot of people.

They allow you to fully interact with their members, thorugh e-mail or chat.

However, also the free websites offer a paid membership with more features, such as Browse anonymously and see Visitors, appear at the top of members list in search results and more.

The biggest one is that lets you select peoples by many interests and characteristics.

Also is a good one, with a lot of criteria to select people.

Targeted or Niche dating websites

Targeted dating websites, also called niche websites, address people with specific characteristic or preferences. They have fewer members than the generic ones but if you are looking for something very specific, there you are sure to find people who share your interests. So if you choose to spend your money, I'd advise to do it on one of those.

There are soooo many, for all sorts of tastes, I had no idea of this!! You only need to search for a dating website and your interest and I'm sure you'll find one. These are all subscription based, but you can register for free and view member's profiles. Examples of these websites are based on:

  • sex preference: straight, gay men or women or both
  • type of relationship wanted: serious or committed (marriage), no committment (called Adult websites), sex only (some websites can be very explicit)
  • age range: over 30s, 40s, 50s, older women-younger men, older men-younger women
  • interests based: sport fans, music genres, political views, religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim), pet lovers etc.
  • lifestyle: vegetarians, nudists

I have to say that I personally found the task of browsing many profiles boring, mainly because a lot of people, especially men, don't write anything interesting or real about themselves in their profiles. Many write "I don't know what to write here...", or "I don't know what I'm looking for...", or a very generic "I'm honest, fun, reliable...". Maybe they complain they don't get a date...

All this is soooo boring and it takes a lot of time, instead I prefer the following ones, you save a lot of time.

Speed dating websites

These are run by companies that either let you chat immediately with someone online or organize datings, real events.

I have to say I prefer the second type, it's a fast way to meet a lot of real people in one night and, if nothing else, spend a fun night out. You can find many of these website by typing "speed dating websites" and your area.The website does all the hard work, finding people, booking a venue, organizing the entertainment.

Generally they are organized in a bar in a central area of the city or town, booked especially for the agency so there won't be nosy people.

The agency will try to have the same number of women and men; then each women will be sitting at a table and the guys will move from table to table. They'll have 4 minutes to talk, then the guy will move to another table. Each person will write down a few notes about the person just met and if they want to see him/her again. This way, at a speed dating event you are likely to meet and talk to about 15/20 real people in a safe environment, in a fun way.

How does it work?

Some online speed dating websites are free, while some websites that organize real events are subscription based and in others you only pay when you book a dating event.

Some websites let you immediately see a list of dating events and parties and select by region or city, with all the details (date, venue, type of event, age range) and price. This way you can see whether there are events in your area, choose the one you like, book it, and then go.

Others ask you to register even before they show the events, I don't like this.

After you attend an event you'll be able to contact the person you want to meet again.

I think this is a good way to spend your money that you'd spend anyway if you went out, and have the opportunity to meet new people.

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