How to Save on
Household Cleaners?

Household cleaners are quite expensive, so it's worth finding out how it is possible to save some money. Also there are so many different cleaning products: one for the floor, one for windows and glass, one for kitchen surfaces the cooker and a different one for the oven, one for the bathroom, one for wooden furniture, etc.

It's very easy to get to have ten or fifteen different household cleaning products only in your home! I guess you have some more in your car.

I addition to being expensive, household cleaners contain a variety of synthetic chemicals that are not good at all for the environment, as they all end up in rivers and in the sea, and for yourself, for your health, as they get absorbed through your skin and you inhale (breath) them while you use them. As a matter of fact, more and more people have skin allergies and sensitive to synthetic chemical soaps, laundry products, creams.

Then, there are cleaning wipes containing chemicals, that I think are even worse for the environment because you throw them away every time you use them, producing a lot more waste.

I had a look on an Internet supermarket and found:

  • All Purpose Cleaning Wipes
  • Furniture Wipes
  • Floor Wipes
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Window Wipes

without mentioning many more for personal use...

A drastic move to save on Household Cleaners

The most drastic move you can do is to eliminate all of them! I hear you say: "How do I keep my house clean?"

A wonderful alternative is not another cleaner, but it is microfibre cloths. As their name says, their fabric is made of fibres that are much thinner than normal fibres, therefore they are more effective in cutting through and removing dirt particles. At the same time, they are very soft and gentle so you can use them even for very delicate objects, like musical instruments, eyeglasses.

If you have never used them, you should try them immediately, as they are wonderful, you can use use them to clean everything without using any detergents: you can use them dry or damp, depending on what you need to clean. For examples, I use them dry for wooden non-laminated surfaces, while I use them damp for everything else.

They even sell mops made of microfibre, to clean your floors with just hot water.

When they first appeared on the market several years ago they were very expensive but now they are cheap, and there are slightly different types. So, you could have just one for your bathroom, one for all your kitchen surface, one for windows and glass, and a few more for other things. Don't forget to keep one in your car.

Other cheap and safer household cleaners

If you don't feel confident that your house will be clean enough by using only microfibre cloths and water, here are some other tips on other natural products you can used instead of expensive chemical household cleaners. Of course you can use them with your microfibre cloths.

White vinegar

White (wine) vinegar is a natural, traditional alternative to chemical household cleaners. For your cleaning purposes you can buy the cheapest one, keep the better quality and more expensive one for your salads!

It is especially good to clean glass, mirrors and all surfaces and to remove limescale, however it cannot be used on plated surfaces such as gold plated taps.Try it in your kettle, pour half a glass of vinegar or and some water (depending on how serious the problem is) and make it boil for a while, until all the scale has come off. Then rinse the kettle and boil some fresh water.

Soda crystals or washing soda

Soda crystals are great to clean floors: put half cup of crystals in a bucket of hot water and clean your floor with your microfibre mop. You'll see how quickly you'll be able to clean and don't need to rinse. They are biodegradable.

I sometimes burn something in a pan, while cooking, so I've found that soda crystals are the solution to remove the burnt residues of food, instead of having to scratch for a long time. Make a strong solution, with two spoons of crystals in the pan and pouring boiling water on it. Leave it there all night and the next morning you'll only have rinse it! What a relief!

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