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Let's start, I'll give you some money saving tips that you can apply to whatever you like to buy, a few general general rules. Also, to me the first one seems obvious, but I’ve realised that it’s not so, not everybody does it. So, the very first, easy general rule is:

  • buy when there are sales. You can get great bargains just after Christmas and other holidays (Easter, summer... etc.); if you miss a sale, do not despair, wait for a while and soon there will be another one
  • don’t buy brand new items (I mean when they get launched), wait for a while and see the prices go down
  • most stores have a special area devoted to sales, they will sell end of line items or sometimes items without packaging or slightly damaged; many stores have even special stores where they sell all these end of line items
  • also most online stores, have a special area for sales, simply find it in the menu, it's called Sale or Special offers, Clearance; in a search engine you can type your favourite online store's or brand's name and the words clearance or sale or bargainor offers or similar ones and you'll find them
  • there are even entire shopping centres that sell brand items at discounted prices, find them searching for your favourite brand "outlet"
  • supermarkets and open air markets also have special hours during which they offer discounted articles
  • buy out of season items: that is buy summer items at the end of summer (August-September), winter items at the end of winter, for example calendars and diaries at the end of the previous year or when the new year has started

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  • register with the online stores or websites where you'd like to buy something, usually they'll send you a newsletter with discount coupons and special offers; you can use a different e-mail address only for these newsletters so your personal mailbox doesn't fill up with messages. You don't need to read every message, read them when they have offers, this is usually written in the message subject
  • book travel tickets in advance and online, you'll save money: this apply to most travel items, such as airlines, coaches, ferries, trains,

I hope these money saving tips can help you save a lot, but you should also use your own imagination, keep your eyes open and find more ways to save money.

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