How to save money on electricity bill

We all would like to save money on electricity bill and yes, it is possible, actually there are many ways to reduce your electricity bill. Here you'll find some practical and easy tips, a few things you can do.

Obviously, turn the lights off and all other electric appliances when you don't need them.

When it's the right time to save?

From the beginning. Start with chosing the best electricity contract. Some electricity contracts have different prices for different hours, that is, electricity used during the night is cheaper, generally from 0.00 to 6.00am. Some companies offer cheaper electricity also during the weekend, after about Saturday lunchtime, but you need to read the contract carefully.

I think this contract is a good option if you can keep an eye on your watch and especially if most of the people in the family spend most of the day away from home.

These contracts have special names, in UK for example, Economy7, or Dual Rate. This type of contract is particularly useful for those homes that have storage heaters, since they consume a lot of electricity. Storage heaters (as their name says) store heat during the night, like a battery that gets charged, and release it during the day.

However, you could consider this contract and use use most of your electric appliances during the night. This applies especially to big ones, like washing machine, boiler, dishwasher, tumble dryer, there is really no necessity to use them during the day. Some of the newer ones have a timer, so you can program them to start after midnight, on different days whenever you can.

Some people may worry that they are noisy, but generally these appliances are in the kitchen or bathrom or other separate rooms, so if you shut the door and make them start in the middle of the night you won't hear them.

If yours don't have a timer, start them manually if you go to sleep not very early, start them as late as possible so at least part of their cycles (like the spìn, that requires more power) will be during the cheaper rate hours. If you go to sleep very early, I guess you also wake up early, so start them early in the morning. Another possibility is to buy a timer that you place in the socket where the plug goes, to start your appliances at any time you like.

A few more tips to save on electricity bill

  • washing machine: use medium to low temperature cycles, 30°-40°. Normal clothes are rarely so dirty to need a 75°-90° cycle
  • boiler: there is no need to set the water temperature high, you'll need to cool it down with cold water and it's also dangerous as you or a child could get burnt if you don't have a mixer or if you have two separate taps; set it at 50°
  • dishwasher: wash full loads, use low temperature and short cycles (you'll also save water), especially if you eliminate all food and rinse plates etc. before the wash. In some machines you can even avoid the drying cycle and let the tableware dry naturally, just by letting the water drip (open the door to facilitate this)
  • tumble dryer: do you really need one? Couldn't you just let the clothes dry by themselves? In most cases, your heating and the sun in summer would do the job. And if you don't buy one, you save more money.

Which lights save money on electricity bill?

Which lights you use will have a great impact and will help you save on electricity bill (or not). Halogen lamps are very bright and powerful and fashionable, but also very expensive as they need a lot of electricty, so avoid them. Are they really necessary?

Incandescence bulbs are perhaps the most common bulbs but they consume more power than neon tubes and energy saving bulbs. The type of light they produce is different, so choose them according to the place.

Energy saving bulbs were very expensive when they were initially produced, but now you can find very ceap ones. Another great advantage they have over incandescence bulbsis that they really last for years so you save money also because you don't need to replace them every few months. Try with one, write the date you installed it and you'll see.

Also, you can use one of the many comparison websites, try searching "electricity comparison website" or "electricity contract comparison" or similar words and your country. Then, to really understand which company will offer you the best contract to save money on electricity bill, you'll need to read everything in the contract, compare unit price with unit price, check whether there are standing charges (you pay a flat rate + for the usage). I know, it's a bit boring it'll save you money and bad surprises.

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