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Sheet music can be quite expensive and if you are a music lover, student or teacher or professional and play a musical instrument, I bet every now and then you need to buy some. Here are a few tips to save your money and get more of the printed music you need.

My favourite printed music website is this:, because it has a huge choice for all instruments, voices, genres and formats: printed music, CD sheet music (orchestral parts, so you can print only what you need when you need it), Instructional DVDs, fake books, karaoke, play along, scores and parts, music gift ideas and more. They are based in the USA but ship to nearly all countries and you can even see the prices in your currency, click on the flag that's at the top on the right end side.

  1. they always offer an 8% discount if you buy 2 or more of the same item (if it's not already discounted). So, what you can do is shop with a friend, schoolmate or colleague who needs to buy the same item as you. It’s not unusual at all, schoolmates often have to learn the same pieces, the same goes for teachers who need to buy the same items, so buy them together and save!
  2. they always have a 40% off Bargain bin page for every instrument and group where where you can find a lot of discounted music, they're perfect, just end of lines, previous editions etc.
  3. throughout the year they always have something on sale, because new publications come out and for other reasons, so periodically they run 10-20% off sales for different editions, so once it’s Peters, once it’s Henle, once it’s play-alongs, once it's Instructional DVDs or Concert Band Full Sets or any ensemble music or another one. So it’s worth waiting for those promotions every now and then and checking.
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